“Spring Is Here”

“Spring Is Here”

For many, winter can be the days of sadness and isolation
by staying indoors, contemplating that the outside is too cold. This
sometimes can cause us feelings related to grieving and depression.
Be glad winter is over.

Now, spring is in the air. Birds fly in from the earth’s opposite
hemisphere and most animals start mating. In spring
the weather changes, plats and flowers start to appear.
The grass and trees begin to turn green.

The primary color in the spring season is green and represents
encouragement in learning, growth and harmony.
It ultimately brings pleasure to your mind, moreover
and to your spirit by experiencing the grace given
when observing, how nature expresses her godlike birth.

Spring brings a sense of renewal (rebirth) and engagement
in the desirable changes. This is the time to come out of our past
disappointments and be enthusiastic about our future.
Today is when we unveil the positive changes in ourselves.
Like nature in the spring, we need to convey to one another
our new awakening arising in each one of us.

With love, from
Nature of Pure Virtue

Written by Ed H. Beales