Quest Harrisonburg May 2015

Written by Marquita Leary, 2015 Quest Graduate

Our Life-Changing Journeys of the Future

Life as we know it may be hard,
But, each and every last one of you are a “Star”,
We have fallen and gotten back up again,
Constant trials and tribulations battered beneath the “Wind”,
We are one of a “Kind”,
With structure, beautiful personalities & life-changing experiences which is depicted beyond our minds,
I am truly grateful for everything that I have learned,
I can’t put it all in such simple words,
Today may be our “Tomorrow”,
But, moving in our own pace, could make us unstoppable,
I appreciate all of the time we spent together,
In which we have all endeavored,
May God bless you all immeasurably…

~Thank You~

~Marquita Q. Leary~