Live from Harrisonburg, VA… it’s Quest!



Hi, this is Danielle, MHAV’s new Peer Recovery Support Coordinator, and I am here in beautiful, picturesque Harrisonburg at Mountain Valley Meeting and Retreat Center with our last Quest of 2014. It has been fabulous with great company, great conversations and great food! Jamie and Hallie are our co-facilitators and we have peers from across the state including Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg and Richmond.

Quest is the MHAV conference for those new to recovery (with an at least 3-months past crisis requirement) and looking to build their confidence, move past self-imposed limitations and explore personal transformation. The agenda includes a group physical activity that varies according to the location, but it is personally, my favorite part of the conference. And I am not an outdoorsy kind of person! So if you’ve been contemplating applying for Quest, please don’t let the activity component keep you away. We practice self-care above all, so while we encourage you to stretch your boundaries, we would never ask you to do something harmful.

Please check out these photos and then contact us to apply!