Mental illnesses are common. They are treatable. Help is available.

May is national Mental Health Awareness Month, and everyone can participate by talking about our challenges in mental health as freely as we do those in our physical health.

We can take steps to get help early for ourselves as well as others. Many of us face these challenges, and talking with family, friends, mental health professionals or someone who has lived through the experience can provide valuable information and support.

Virginia has officially recognized that trained peer support provides an effective addition to the continuum of care in the mental health recovery process. At Mental Health America of Virginia, our toll free “Warm Line” is staffed by supportive peer specialists who provide non-emergency listening and referrals so things don’t reach a crisis point (866-400-MHAV).

Help us break down stigma and improve mental wellness.

Some things to consider:

  • Speak up early, in real, relatable terms, so that fewer of us feel isolated and alone.
  • Share your own recovery journey.
  • Ask us to speak at a meeting of your group or organization.
  • Make a donation to support our Warm Line or training programs.

Thank you!

Bruce Cruser, Executive Director

The mentally ill need a voice and most times unfortunately it can’t come from their loved ones but thankfully it can from agencies such as yours. Thank you.- Anonymous